The 1st mobile fitness game for running & walking

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Play using your outdoor activity

As you move, you’ll progress and explore virtual maps. The more active you are - the faster you will progress and get ahead of your friends. In fact, Torch measures any cardio activity you do during the entire day.

How it works

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No need to take out a credit card - Torch is 100% FREE!

Available on iOS 
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Compete against others like you from all over the world!

Conquer Quests

Progress through virtual Quests as you move through the real world. Uncover hidden maps as you go!

Torch Promises

You'll be more active

You'll win every run

You'll have fun

Each workout is 25 minutes. It's designed with music and coaching to keep you in the flow.

Well, no, not really. You'll probably lose sometimes, but even when you do — you will have spent 25 minutes improving your health.

Torch is not your typical workout app and is designed to maximize fun. Get ready to experience something totally new.

"Love this app. It has helped me finally get back on track! The competition is very motivating and the coaching keeps it entertaining."

@aes395    |    United States

Get access to the most fun you'll have working out

Battle Friends

Battle friends from around the world. Don't worry, no matter how strong that person is, I’ll make sure you have an equal chance to win.

Personalized Battle Score

Your score is individual: the scientifically-backed formula incorporates personal and environmental factors such as weight, age, gender, terrain, weather, and more!

Fun Workouts

You'll be coached through fun workouts, including intervals. Not only will you have fun but you'll get stronger in the process!

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